Non-contentious proceedings

Your notary can represent you before the Court in non-contentious cases. The firm Beauchamp Gilbert, notaires often acts in various cases before notaries or courts, such as verification of wills, homologation of protection mandates, etc., so our notaries are well versed in the specific aspects of these cases.

For close to thirty years, we’ve assisted clients in presenting requests before the Court in non-contentious cases. This leads to obtaining judgment more easily.

This is another field in which Michel Beauchamp’s expertise makes a difference for our clients. He also offers courses on this subject to all notaries in Québec.


Here is a list of services
we offer in this field:

  • Homologation of a protection mandate
  • Verification of holograph wills and wills made in the presence of witnesses
  • Institution of a protective supervision
  • Designation of a tutor to a minor
  • Replacement of a tutor or a curator
  • Request for judicial recognition of ownership
  • Request for change of name
  • Tutorship to an absentee
  • Declaratory judgment of death
  • Any other non-contentious cases

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