Will and Testament – Protection Mandate – Power of Attorney

It is as important to protect loved ones in the event of a death than to protect oneself in case of incapacity.

For the firm Beauchamp Gilbert, notaires, the will and the protection mandate are documents of capital importance. The emphasis must be on clear drafting, according to the Civil Code of Quebec and all applicable laws, without ever losing focus of your wishes.

You will be sure to have in hand a document tailored to your needs strong enough to face the law.

We have a particular expertise concerning wills aimed at protecting a handicapped child or an incapacitated spouse.


Here is a quick look at services
that we offer in this field:

  • Protection mandate
  • Power of attorney
  • Simple will or trust adapted to the situation of the testator
  • Will adapted to minors
  • Will adapted to handicapped children
  • Will adapted to incapacitated spouses
  • Will adapted to stepfamilies

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